Gurugram : Villagers took human waste fallen from aircraft for meteor

The 10-12kg ball is being chemically tested however it is strongly suspected to be frozen poo from a passing plane

"Some villagers thought it was an extra-terrestrial object".

In airplanes, human waste is stored in special containers, which are disposed of upon landing.

However, the loos can leak while the plane is still in the air, aviation exerts told the BBC.

Frozen human waste occurs when it forms around the overflow of airline toilets before falling to earth.

According to India Times, some villagers at Fazilpur Badli thought what the experts call "blue ice" - frozen toilet waste leaking from planes - to be "celestial gifts".

A chunk of ice weighing nearly two stone landed in Fazilpur Badli in Gurgaon on Saturday, to the shock of local villagers.

"There was a big thud and people of the village came running out of their home to find out what had happened".

Planes store human waste in tanks which are disposed of once on the ground
WIKICOMMONS Planes store human waste in tanks which are disposed of once on the ground

'Some villagers thought it was an extra-terrestrial object. Some villagers even took pieces of the rock home and refrigerated it.

According to Britain's Civil Aviation Authority the phenomenon (known as "blue ice" thanks to the chemicals used in plane toilets) happens about 25 times a year out of the 2.5 million flights that take place in United Kingdom airspace, so don't get too paranoid about suddenly being flattened by a high-speed falling turdball.

A senior official of the Indian Meteorological Department, who examined a small sample, said the projectile was "definitely not a meteorological phenomenon".

Indian courts ruled airlines would face harsh fines if planes released excrement from their toilets in 2016.

A village in India was confounded over the weekend when a mysterious 22-pound chunk of ice fell from the sky.

The British Civil Aviation Authority estimates that out of 2.5 million flights over United Kingdom airspace every year, there are 25 "blue ice" falls.

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