First 'Light Image' Captured by NASA's TESS Planet-Hunter

Телескоп TESS обнаружил свою первую экзопланету

Satellite Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) sent to Earth pictures of the bright star R Doradus. The oval-shaped orbit of Jupiter-like Pi Mensae b stands in stark contrast to the circular orbit of Jupiter.

"That, of course, is TESS' entire goal - to find those planets around those brightest nearby stars to do this really detailed characterization", Spill said. TESS is more modern, but Kepler will still be used as long as it is operational in order to further aid the discovery of exoplanets.

It will be TESS' job to sniff out those planets, by monitoring the light from stars for periodic dimming or blinking that would indicate that planets are passing in front of them. Follow-up observations showing the same drops happening at regular intervals confirms these candidates into exoplanets. Astronomers published a paper about the new discovery in the database of preprints The discovery of LHS 3844 b, a "hot-earth" planet 49 light-years away that orbits its sun every 11 hours, was announced on Thursday.

Here's the tell-tale dip in brightness. The El Suance Observatory in El Sauce, Chile along with the Las Cumbres Observatory observed transits earlier this month.

Телескоп TESS обнаружил свою первую экзопланету
See the First Image Produced by NASA’s Newest Planet Hunter

NASA's newest planet-hunting mission has reported detecting its first alien world - a "super-Earth" that is likely evaporating under the heat from its star, a new study finds. TESS will exceed Kepler's exoplanet haul if all goes according to plan, TESS team members have said. While Kepler looked at tiny pieces of the sky, TESS will soak in huge slices of it. I mentioned the survey is expected to find 20,000 exoplanets, but a decent chunk of them will be closer to Earth-sized.

"We were very pleased with the number of guest investigator proposals we received, and we competitively selected programs for a wide range of science investigations, from studying distant active galaxies to asteroids in our own solar system", said Padi Boyd, TESS project scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. It makes good on that effort, too; the image contains more than a dozen stars previously known to host transiting planets -planets that pass between the star and the satellite. Slap the two data points together we learn what the density of the exoplanet is.

Today, we've added two potential exoplanets to the list of already discovered worlds.

Kepler has offered useful information for nearly a decade and although the initial mission was planned to take 3,5 years, more than 9 years passed since the observatory started its first mission.

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