The demonic Bird Box monster is revealed in behind-the-scenes photos

Shortly after Netflix revealed their opening week figure for Bird Box, they clarified that number was only subscribers who had viewed at least 70% of the movie.

The Fuel Masters are preparing for the upcoming 2019 PBA season, which opens on Sunday.

The only way to survive is to make sure you never make eye contact with them - and now that I've actually seen what a scrapped version of this Bird Box creature looks like, I'm the one who's wishing I had a blindfold.

As Bergholtz explains, the creation was meant to play into Sandra Bullock's character's greatest fears, centred of course around the baby she was carrying when the disaster struck.

As mentioned above, Bird Box burrows a lot from classic horror and horror movies in forcing a group of strangers to become close, live in close quarters and rely on each other, relationships are formed-most notably between Bullock's Malorie and the tall, dark and handsome Rhodes' Tom. Luckily for us viewers of the film, the movie's director, Susanne Bier, made a decision to have the monsters remain unseen, which is likely why the blindfolds have already become so iconic.

His description - and photos of his work - back up an interview with Bullock where she claimed the monster was a "snake-like, green man with a horrific baby face". "Everything from the neck down was meant to be a giant CGI creature/body added later". He clarified that the visions each character saw when encountering a creature would differ from person to person depending on their fears, so Bullock's would assume the form of a "twisted, demonic baby creature attacking her".

"It's always a bit disappointing when so much effort goes into something that ends up in the cutting room floor, but I get it and it's always what is best for the final product". I also had the pleasure of painting the finished prosthetics before sending them to set, to be worn and performed by the one and only Dirk Rogers @thehalloweendirk, applied by the great @proutyfx. "Kudos to the director for sticking to her guns on that one". "Still a fun project to be a part of".

Berholz says the actress was confusing an actor's green costume, used for modeling computer generated effects, with the monster's actual look.

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