Ariana Grande Kicks Off 'Sweetener Tour' With Mac Miller Tribute

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Mac died of an accidental overdose on September 7, 2018.

The singer just kicked off her Sweetener Tour in NY and made a decision to begin the night with a touching tribute to her ex-boyfriend.

Fans noted that Miller's music was playing over the arena's speakers before the show began, and since those songs are typically chosen by the artist, it would appear the choice was a small homage to the deceased rapper.

"They're playing Mac while we wait for Ariana", another fan tweeted.

Ariana Grande has remixed a tattoo she inked for former lover Pete Davidson. Think again. Fans are convinced that Ari paid tribute to her late ex on the first night of the Sweetener tour, and they're stunned by the gesture. Not only can fans see the pop star perform songs from her two new albums during the tour, but they can also register to vote. Soon after, she shared a series of photos of herself and Miller on her Instagram Story.

Thought you had no tears left to cry about Ariana Grande and Mac Miller?

Even though Grande revealed that she would not be performing the song "ghostin", which is about Mac Miller, on stage, many can guess that this will not the be last time Ariana Grande honors her ex-boyfriend on tour. Yet, she covered that tattoo with one that was dedicated to Miller's dog, Myron.

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