'Apex Legends': Matchmaking Grouping Cheaters, Spammers Together

Respawn Working on Apex Legends Matchmaking System That’ll Group Cheaters Together

Cheaters might find a way around the AI once they figure it out - it's a tale we've seen retold in many shapes and forms but Respawn seems determined to invest in keeping them at bay as much as possible and give everyone a fair chance at playing their game.

Earlier this year, Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm. Firstly, Respawn plans to investigate how players party up for matches so that players who party with cheaters to get them into games are also punished.

Respawn is also sprucing up the reporting system, taking feedback from other Redditors. Improved detection identifies and bans new spam accounts before they are even used.

Anybody who's dealt with cheaters before though, knows that for most cheaters, it's as easy as creating a new account before they're back to ruining the fun.

Most popular, competitive games will have some degree of cheating, and if the title in question is a free-to-play one, the problem can become rampant. The second of two Apex Legends skins being offered to Twitch Prime subscribers-Dino Dynamo Bangalore-is now available, and a new patch is currently in the works and expected to go live next week.

TFA is now required in certain regions on high-risk accounts. In an update on Reddit, Apex Legends developer Respawn has said that there's "ongoing work to adapt to new cheats" and hilariously that includes a matchmaking system "that matches detected cheaters and spammers together".

Increasing resources whether that be people or tech. Respawn says that the war on cheaters will be ongoing and that it is a high priority. This has primarily affected the PC version of the game, but with the start of Season 2 bringing ranked play to the game, the company have come up with some ingenious ways of tackling their impact. The game developer finished by thanking all the players that have been getting involved in stopping cheaters by submitting reports.

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