ICE to begin nationwide immigration raids Sunday, report says

Thousands of undocumented immigrant family members will be arrested in raids beginning Sunday

ICE agents do not have the legal authority to forcibly enter homes.

Trump previously announced the operation on Twitter last month and then postponed it.

"ICE raids are nothing new".

"We can both secure the border, be compassionate, and bring people into the American way of life through a pathway to citizenship, and do that in a compassionate way, and also a way that makes us economically competitive", said Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democratic presidential candidate.

"We have not been notified about the scale of the operation", Suarez said. "Nothing to be secret about".

"The Trump Administration's insistence on using migrant families as a political bargaining chip with Congressional leaders is as deplorable as it is un-American", she said in a statement. "It's a major operation".

Jessica Piedra is an immigration attorney, and she said, since President Donald Trump took office, it's been a constant wait-and-see.

While the threat of "massive", coordinated ICE raids has loomed over Trump's presidency, former immigration officials say the way the upcoming operation has been rolled out indicates that the outward perception of a tough crackdown seems to be more important than an effective outcome.

This means that if an undocumented immigrant who is at the scene but is not the target of the arrest will be detained and deported as well. "We haven't been notified about who is being targeted".

The raid will be carried out in at least 10 cities.

It's still unclear when and where ICE will be focusing.

The operation would target some 2,000 families whose immigration cases had been expedited in a special court docket and resulted in deportation orders, the Times said. "It is clearly all part of what the administration sees as a way to get deterrence".

"We haven't heard anything specifically in New Jersey, but we are on alert", said Hera Mir, communications and operations associate for New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice. Advocates also said many immigrants were skeptical Trump had even called off the raids - many anxious he was simply bluffing to give ICE agents the opportunity to arrest people by surprise.

"I warn President Trump, the pictures of these raids aren't going to be pretty", Schumer said on the Senate floor.

CNN first reported in May that the administration had been considering deporting migrant families with court-ordered removals in an attempt to "send a message" to smugglers, according to a senior administration official. "ICE is officially saying they are not going to comment in order to protect the safety of its personnel, so what does that tell you?" Additionally, she said immigrants should memorize this statement: "I wish to remain silent, to exercise my right to remain silent and to refuse to answer any questions".

By comparison, ICE typically detains about 12,000 people per month, not including Border Patrol arrests near the border.

"Stay calm and keep the door closed".

If ICE comes knocking, there are rights the undocumented can exercise.

Chicago cops can assist ICE agents if an individual is in the city's gang database, is a felon, faces a felony prosecution or has an outstanding criminal warrant.

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